Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Seven Chances

Jimmie is having trouble telling his sweetheart that he loves her and the brokerage firm he works at is in dire straits. Then one day an attorney informs him that he has inherited seven million dollars on the condition that he marries before 7pm on the day of his 27th birthday which happens to be today. Now Jimmie is in a race with time to marry his girl or any other suitable woman so he can collect his inheritance. "Seven Chances" is one of Buster Keaton's finest works, starting as an amusing comedy of misunderstanding and culminating in one of the finest chase scenes committed to film. After Keaton gets denied by his girlfriend and is unable to secure a bride, his business partner places an ad in the evening paper telling the whole town the stakes. Now, as Keaton gets word that his girl will marry him, he must make his way back to her as he dodges trains, cranes, rivers, cars, boulders, bees, and hundreds of would be brides. It is truly a remarkable and innovative sequence and serves to confirm his status not only as a great physical comedian but also as one of the movie's foremost comics.