Friday, August 26, 2011

Cold Weather

While taking a break from studying forensics, Doug returns home to Portland, Oregon, moves in with his sister Gail, and takes a minimum wage gig at the ice bagging factory. He visits his ex-girlfriend Rachel who is in town for business and befriends Carlos, a coworker whom he lends a Sherlock Holmes novel to and all four become friends. One night, Carlos frantically knocks on the door and tells Doug that Rachel is missing. Not seeming to bear much scrutiny at first, it quickly appears that something is awry regarding her whereabouts. Now Doug along with Carlos and Gail can put on their collective detective hats and put their amateur sleuthing skills to work. "Cold Weather" was written and directed by Aaron Katz, one of the foremost mumblecore artists. Those are the films that are associated with low budgets, young nonactors, and natural dialogue. Here Katz has applied the noir/mystery movie to that style to wonderful results. The movie is low key with a quiet sense of humor and takes its time to unfold its story while it gradually ratchets up the tension. The movie also makes great use of its Portland locations as well. "Cold Weather" is one of those films you don't really know where its going for awhile, but when it gets there, it is more than worth the ride.