Tuesday, August 16, 2011

The Change-Up

The "Change-Up" is the Hollywood's latest R-rated mindless raunchfest and applies the "Freaky Friday" body switch formula to two best friends, one a workaholic family man the other a pot smoking unemployed bachelor. It stars Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds, two good looking actors lacking any semblance of talent, engaging in sophomoric behavior. Also on hand are the beautiful Olivia Wilde, who helps pass the time, and the great Alan Arkin, who I have absolutely no idea why he was in this trash except to collect a paycheck. A few weeks back, I saw The Hangover II and thought I had seen the bottom of the barrel. "The Change-Up" is only slightly higher on the heap and I can't decide whether it's that the studios think we want to see this filth or that people actually like watching people eat shit.