Sunday, August 7, 2011

James Taylor: One Man Band

For over forty years, James Taylor has been the quintessential singer songwriter, expressing songs that wonderfully capture longing and sorrow with his resonating and memorable voice and guitar chords. Of all my favorite artists, he is my favorite to see in concert, not only because he is a consummate performer, but also engages the audience with humor and stories in between songs. Starting out as a solo act, he played with bands for many years until recently to decided to put out One Man Band, a concert at The Colonial Theater in his hometown of Pittsfield, Massachusetts with only pianist Larry Goldings. Starting out with a folksy introduction over footage of the surrounding Berkshire Mountains, the program commences with performances of classic favorites such as "Carolina in My Mind", "Shower the People". and "Fire and Rain" played over personal slides interspersed with stories and anecdotes. One Man Band is a wonderful concert film showcasing one of finest musical talents.