Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hall Pass

Two restless married men with sex constantly on the brain are given a week off of their marriages by their wives. Things go unexpectedly and get out of control for the men, who aren't quite the Lotharios they have painted themselves to be. Things grow even more complicated when the wives decide the "hall pass" applies to them as well. "Hall Pass" is another raunchy comedy from the Farrelly Brothers and is largely successful thanks to the likability of stars Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis as well as the actresses who portray their wives, Jenna Fisher and Christina Applegate. They are also given nice assists Richard Jenkins, Stephen Merchant, and JB Smoove in funny supporting roles. The set-up of this movie, which consists of 40 minutes or so, is much funnier than the follow through where the men receive their passes which is just a regression into gross out fare. The movie is also far too long as it approaches the two hour mark. Yet, this is still raunch done moderately well and an improvement over much of the bodily fluid composed comedies of late. The Farrellys made some of the great comedies of the 90s and have been off track for awhile. Here, with "Hall Pass", it appears the brothers may be back on track to making the kind of films they made so well back in the day.