Monday, June 11, 2012


Season 1
The first female Vice President of the United States, early into her first term, quickly learns the truth about her ineffectual post as she also deals with Washington backbiting, pettiness, and corruption while dealing with the almost total ineptitude of her staff as well as her own vanity. "Veep" is a comedic HBO series from Armando Iannucci, the writer/director of "In The Loop", who presents this show in the exact same unctuous fashion which again comes off as an unbalanced work with smarminess and unpleasantness outweighing genuine laughs.  As the beleaguered VP, Julia Louis-Dreyfus is absolutely outstanding and more than carries the show during its lackluster moments. Tony Hale and Matt Walsh are also bright spots in an otherwise dour cast. "Veep" is an occasionally amusing series that seems familiar with its repugnant political setting, which is surprising in how little it mines from it.
** 1/2