Tuesday, June 26, 2012


The defiantly independent princess to a newfound Scottish dynasty resists her mothers instructions to chose a suitor from one of the other three ruling clans. When it appears the queen will not relent, the princess resorts to other, more magical means which will have an opposing effect and ultimately test her courage, teach her about responsibility, and unite her with her parents. Pixar's latest offering begins as a sweeping and majestic wonder as our hero glides through the Highlands on her horse while demonstrating her prowess at archery. The film settles down into something more mundane, resembling any number of routine animated films before evolving into something creepy bordering on disturbing before pushing towards the gates with a strong finish. The voicework is strong. I could listen to Kelly Macdonald ("Boardwalk Empire", "No Country for Old Men") all day long in the leading role, and Billy Connolly and Emma Thompson are equally fine as her parents. These characters are invested with the same weight given to dwellers of other great(er) Pixar movies, but other characters and elements seem lifted straight out of the stockpile animators turn to when the well runs dry. 
note: Do not see this in 3D, as it does a disservice to what is truly a beautiful film by dimming and clouding its luminous scenery.

The Oscar nominated short "La Luna" plays before the feature, which is a sweet little film about an old man and his son teaching his boy the ropes of the family business.