Monday, June 25, 2012

A Screaming Man

Adam, a former swim champion, tends a hotel pool in Chad with his teenaged son Abdel. When management decides they no longer can justify two pool attendants, and that Abdel is more charismatic with the guests, they transfer Adam to a menial gatekeeping task. Incredibly hurt and irate, Adam sees the ongoing civil war as an opportunity to gain his old job back. "A Screaming Man" is a beautiful and observant film, though glacially place, that delves deeply into the heart of its brooding main character and explores his wounded. Director Mahamt-Saleh Haroun shoots on an incredibly gorgeous canvas, and captures both the beauties and horrors of modern day Chad. Haroun has cited Yasujiro Ozu as a major influence, and like the films of the great Japanese director, "A Screaming Man" quietly explores the humanity of its subjects and bears great fruit if approached with patience and an open mindset.