Saturday, June 16, 2012

In the Mood for Love

A newspaperman and a secretary move into adjoining rooms on the same day in a crowded 1962 Hong Kong apartment. The two slowly form a friendship and gradually realize that both their spouses are having affairs, with each other to boot. Instead of acting on their own romantic feelings for each other, the two decide to uphold their marriage vows while reenacting just what could have happened to push their partners into each other's arms. "In the Mood for Love" is a sorrowful, laconic, and gorgeous film from director Kar Wai Wong, who does a masterful job of staging and presenting his film. Maggie Cheung and Tony Leung are excellent in the their roles and do a superb job of conveying feelings of unrequited love. Watching this film however, while becoming submerged in the sumptuous visuals, I found myself totally uninvolved in the story. Wong has crafted a magnificently looking, impeccably crafted film featuring two magnetic leads with a plodding story that doesn't do the other elements justice.