Thursday, February 23, 2012

Woman of the Year

When a sports reporter hears that his internationally respected female colleague has denounced America's obsession with sports, especially in the trying times of war, he goes on the offensive attacking the journalist by praising the usefulness of sports in the time of crisis. As their feud continues, the editor of their newspaper brings the rivals in to make nice and, wouldn't you know it, the two immediately fall in love. Now the two must adjust to the other's wildly different schedules in the hopes of creating a loving marriage. "Woman of the Year" was the first teaming of off screen partners Spencer Tracey and Katharine Hepburn, and the result is a highly entertaining screwball comedy with the two stars in top form. Director George Stevens lends his master hand in several very humorous comedy situations including one where Kate adopts a Greek refugee without informing her husband and a concluding one where she attempts to make breakfast for the first time in her life as a form of amends. Although "Woman of the Year" is terribly funny, I wonder how it stood then and stands now for feminists. The film, like many of the other Tracey/Hepburn vehicles (although it is occasionally reversed), results in Hepburn getting too far up on her high horse and Tracey putting her back in her place. Despite these dated mores, "Woman of the Year" is an entertaining picture and a fine start to a cherished partnership.