Sunday, November 11, 2012


While at a hockey match, a feeble minded bartender (Seann William Scott) bloodies an obnoxious heckler to a pulp, which is just the quality being sought out by the local semi-pro team. Now, guided by his vulgarian best friend (Jay Baruchel), the mentally defective psychotic with a heart of gold now has the opportunity to lead to team to glory. "Goon" is a frighteningly confused film that gives credence to a homicidal imbecile simply because he means well, and tells his story in a completely ineffectual, unfunny fashion. It is the kind of film where like-minded blockheads cheer along in glee as person after person has their face bashed in, which is in turn shown by the filmmakers in intimate clarity. As someone who intakes a high volume of films, I still vet the movies in my queue, and am usually able to avoid shit like this. "Goon" seems like a vehicle written exclusively for Adam Sandler, which even he would have the sense to turn down.