Sunday, April 22, 2012

Here Comes Mr. Jordan

A cocky prizefighter on his way to the title crashes his self-piloted plane after his latest bout. Upon arriving in heaven, it is determined that his "messenger" pulled his soul from his body too quickly and, according to schedule, he still had another 50 years on earth. Now, it is owed him a new body and the proper life span, and he is given  that of a millionaire chiseler who has just been murdered by his wife and her lover. Now, while preparing his new self for a title fight, he begins to correct the wrongs by the previous owner and romance a sweet girl who's father he had put the screws to. "Here Comes Mr. Jordan" is a highly entertaining and awfully complex lighthearted tale. Plot contrivances abound, but thanks to the sincerity of its cast, the film never ceases to be engaging. Robert Montgomery is extremely likable in the lead as the street tough Joe Pendleton and is surrounded by a wealth of supporting players. Claude Rains is his usual inimitable self as the title heavenly boss and Edward Everett Horton is funny as his bumbling messenger. Evelyn Keyes plays the love interest well and James Gleason is a particular standout as Montgomery's disbelieving manager. "Here Comes Mr. Jordan" is old fashioned, often unrestrained, but always fun and engaging entertainment.