Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Custer's Last Stand

From his heroic exploits at Gettysburg to his controversial and mythicized demise at the Battle of Little Bighorn, General George Armstrong Custer was always one for gallantry and honor, never content with taking up the rear of his company, but rather facing the hellish blazes of battle head on. He was ill-tempered, and loved pageantry, publicity, and controversy which seemed to follow him in some form for his entire life. "Custer's Last Stand", an entry in the excellent Wild West series of the American Experience, traces the ostentatious cavalry man's life and examines the event the signified his end and yet marks his legend. This entry features of wealth of photographs, which were the result of Custer's vanity, and also features insightful commentary from experts on the famed General, all adding up to an engrossing portrait of a grandiose and legendary figure.