Wednesday, January 18, 2012

North to Alaska

Best chums Sam and George (John Wayne and Stewart Granger) have just struck in big in Alaska. While George and his brother Billy (Fabian) return north to their gold claim, Sam heads to Seattle to fetch George's fiance. Upon arrival however, he finds that she has taken up with another man, so being the noble friend that he is, he returns with a beautiful burlesque queen (Capucine) instead. Now Sam must not only fight off the scheming con man (Ernie Kovacs) making a claim on his land, but also come to terms with his feelings for the girl he intended for his best friend. "North to Alaska" is cheesy yet moderately enjoyable fare from The Duke and director Henry Hathaway, who would reteam several times, refining their light comedy/tough action style over the next ten years, most notably in "True Grit" and "The Sons of Katie Elder". Although this film too often resorts to slapstick and pratfalls, it is made in a very amiable fashion and never ceases to be watchable.