Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The Marinovich Project

Todd Marinovich was the thought to be unstoppable quarterback sensation. Dubbed Robo-QB for his unequaled skills, Marinovich was raised by his father as a machine, with constant workouts, strictly regimented diets, and never accepting the possibility of failure. With a media circus following him around, Todd found success at USC, although the new found freedom of college led to a spiral of drugs and alcohol. As a pro athlete with the L.A. Raiders, Marinovich lasted only two years and his case is often cited as a detraction for overbearing parents of athletes. "The Marinovich Project" is an engaging documentary that tells an interesting story and raises many (some alarming) questions. The film does go on for about a half hour too long, as the father and son's reconciliation at the conclusion is painfully dragged out. Aside from the closing missteps, this is an excellent examination of a parent's role in an athlete's development.