Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Birth of Big Air

Bike Riding or BMX or X-Games or any of the like is not a sport and should not be included in a series of sports documentaries. The Birth of Big Air tells the story of Mat Hoffman, a cyclist who revolutionized the industry. Hoffman’s story is not uninteresting but not interesting enough for an hour long program. Some of his tricks were amazing and the story of his severe injuries were intense, but there isn’t enough here and after awhile you just realize the documentary consists primarily of Hoffman doing bicycle tricks on a half-pipe with his friends submitting commentaries saying nothing more than “awesome.” It is also disappointing that Spike Jonze did not direct as he was involved as a producer and commentator, and we were left with the unproven Jeff Tremaine who does nothing to jazz up this unworthy doc which is in serious need of it.