Friday, November 18, 2011

Le Samourai

11/18/11 I revisited this film, and again want to comment on its inspirational effect its had on subsequent films, most notably Nicolas Winding Refn's "Drive", whose lead character is clearly derived from Alain Delon's existential hitmen. I also once more appreciated the drab palette employed by Melville and the precise mechanics of the plot.

7/10/10 He is smoking in his bed, arises, and puts on his hat. We think he is a cop. It is clear that he has seen more than a few American gangster pictures and as he moves about his day from stealing a car to carrying out a professional hit, it also becomes clear that more than a few directors have seen this film. Le Samourai is a 1967 film from director Jean-Pierre Melville and it is a near perfect thriller with Alain Delon starring as a meticulous hit man who outsmarts the police and outguns the mob, but with both after him, who knows? This is a smartly constructed film, where all scenes eventually make sense. Also a sense of dread is consistently felt throughout the film. It clearly has influenced numerous filmmakers since its release and when watching it you can tell it was made with care by someone with smarts and style.