Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Love You Phillip Morris

This is going to be one of those "tread lightly" reviews for a film that does nothing of the sort. It tells the supposedly true story of a man who has lived a good Christian life and has spent his spare time tracking down the mother who gave him up at birth (the middle child, while keeping the other two). When he finds her and she wants nothing to do with him, followed by a horrendous car crash, he decides to stop hiding his closeted self and live life as a full fledged homosexual. Soon he finds the homosexual lifestyle to be rather expensive and finds himself turning into a conman to support it, a profession he is quite good at. After being caught and imprisoned, he meets the title character and embarks on a series of jobs, cons, and escapes each getting more ridiculous then the other. This could have been a total disaster (the studios still don't know what to do with it), but it is a riot watching Jim Carrey throw himself into the role, a role that most actors wouldn't have taken. Ewan McGregor is reliable as usual as Carrey's love interest and the movie contains many laughs and a hard to believe ending.