Sunday, March 28, 2010

2010 CIFF: Independent Short Audience Awards

This program was determined by audience vote and before the program, we were told what the top ten shorts were, informed that we would only view seven, and that the winner of the audience awards was not available because its print had already been shipped to its next destination. bummer! Still the shorts shown were of decent quality. I will try to view the three that didn't play. Here are the top ten with an asterix next to the ones that didn't screen:
12 Stones*
Lost and Found*
Heal tells the story of a Middle Eastern boy who finds he has a special power in the time when his village needs him. I didn't think this was a top-notch short though it was kind of powerful at the end. **1/2
Nico's Challenge
Wonderful documentary detailing a one-legged boys attempt to scale Mt. Kilimanjaro for charity. ***1/2
The Action Hero's Guide To Saving Lives
Amusing short in which a Bruce Willis like cop is called in to handle a hostage situation.
Pigeon: Impossible
Ok short detailing an FBI agent dealing with a bothersome pigeon. **1/2
Big Guy
Disturbing short in which the fake-Superbad dude starts a relationship with a bulimic brothel worker. **
Banana Bread
Saw this earlier in the week, reviewed here ***
Table 7
My favorite short of the program shows what happens behind the scenes at a Chinese restaurant. ***1/2