Friday, March 5, 2010

The Ghost Writer

The Ghost Writer represents the second early year release from a legendary director that again exemplifies why he has achieved this status. With this film, Roman Polanski has made a thriller comparable to his own classics. The Ghost Writer more than succeeds in the genre of political thriller, a tough genre to master. It tells the story of a man hired to replace a Prime Minister's deceased ghost writer. Ewan McGregor aptly plays the unnamed writer as a man who seems to be on top of his game while never really seeming to know what is going on around him. Pierce Brosnan fits the mold as the slimy politician.  Polanski keeps tension built with music, eerie landscapes, and ominous weather as McGregor begins to uncover both twists and political misdeeds. The pace can be slow at points, but the patient viewer is always rewarded with questions being answered as the story progresses. Yet in the end, we are not quite sure of everything, and the questions continue after the credits have rolled. Again, it is nice to see a great filmmaker on the top of his game.