Wednesday, March 24, 2010

2010 CIFF: Garbo-The Spy

Garbo: The Spy is a unique historical documentary in that it has a sense of humor, and in that instead of listening to old British historian bores drone on, we are shown clips from classic WWII and spy films on top of the expected stock footage for which the old British historian bores to drone on over. The documentary tells the story of a Spaniard acted as a spy for the British while pretending to be a spy for the Germans. He is depicted as enigmatic and intelligent, contriving the most grandiose of schemes and also saving himself from the most dangerous of situations. The most pertinent part of his story is the role he played in D-Day, and how he helped the Allies win the war. I really liked the structure of this documentary in how it tells an interesting story that unfolds like a good film.