Friday, March 26, 2010


Millions is a film of wild imagination, directed with fervor and energy. It is not constructed or told in a traditional fashion. It tells the story of two young British brothers who have just recently lost their mothers and relocated with the father, two of the hardest situations for children to cope with. One day while playing near the train tracks a bag of money seemingly falls from the sky near Damian, the younger brother. Since he is a kind, God fearing boy, Damian with the help of the saints whom he has visions of decides to give the money to the poor. However, his older, wiser, and greedier brother Anthony will have no part of this when he finds out about the loot and decides to spend and surprisingly invest the money. However, it is seven days until Britain switches over to the Euro upon whence the boy's money will be worthless. From this point Millions goes off in several directions, many of them spectacular and some not. Still, Academy Award winning director Danny Boyle's talent is clear here in a children's film, the likes of which rarely receive this kind of treatment.