Friday, March 5, 2010

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

I went into this film knowing a little about Hunter S. Thompson, not liking what I did know, and not wanting to know much more after the film has ended. This is Terry Gilliam directing his most drugged out and nastiest film on record, a film that I could only see as enjoyable by junkies. The plot (if you can call it that) consists of journalist Raoul Duke (played by Johnny Depp, Duke being a pseudonym for Thompson) covering a drag race in Nevada with his "lawyer" Dr. Gonzo (Benicio Del Toro) and then going on a three day bender in Vegas, emphasis on bender. This is clearly a Gilliam film from the first frame, but it is also extremely unpleasant from the same starting point. Also, the film is meandering and incomprehensible and in the end this is one bad trip I wish I wouldn't have taken.