Friday, February 21, 2014

Open Range

Two cowboys, one aged and content (Robert Duvall), the other a troubled Civil War vet (Kevin Costner) roam the prairies and carry out their duties as the last of a dying breed. When their sweet-natured cohort (Abraham Benrubi) rides into town for supplies and a go-round at the local saloon, he is beaten within an inch of his life by the hands of a ruthless land baron (Michael Gambon). When his men storm later storm their camp and finish the job they started, the two cattlemen swear vengeance on all held accountable. Open Range is imperfect, longish, and not as gritty and violent as most westerns of the modern era, but features beautiful scenic photography and has the same meditative, thoroughly becoming quality as did Lonesome Dove. Duvall fits his role like a glove, Annette Bening's tender character does add to the picture though I'm not sure her subplot was entirely necessary, and I especially like Costner's thoughtful work here as both director and star.