Friday, January 10, 2014


An introverted, overly sensitive professional letter writer (Joaquin Phoenix), constantly attached to his mobile device and still reeling from his divorce, purchases a state of the art, highly perceptive, ever evolving operating system assigned with sexy and sympathetic female characteristics (voiced by Scarlett Johannson) and embarks on a bizarre and very real relationship with his new, formless partner. Spike Jonze's Her is one of the douchiest movies I've ever seen, an excruciating treatise on love in the modern world, as ineffectual types mope about in their skinny jeans on their cell phones and whine incessantly about their feelings. Appealing actors, in a cast that also includes Amy Adams and Rooney Mara, do what they can with Jonze's maddening screenplay, which could have undergone a few rewrites, preferably by his former working partner Charlie Kaufman. So instead of an intelligent cerebral take on modern relationships in a technology fixated culture, what we are left with instead is little more than a two hour and six minute iPhone commercial.