Saturday, September 28, 2013

World War Z

A formerly ousted U.N. medical technician (Brad Pitt) must abandon his family to globe trot in an attempt to find a solution to the ensuing zombie apocalypse. World War Z shows up to the zombie party listless, empty handed, and several hours after the cops have broken it up. That is to say that Marc Forester's drab, big budget clunker, based on a purportedly excellent novel by Max Brooks, comes well after the undead deluge without bringing anything new to the table and is made in the dim, lifeless (not an asset despite the subject matter) style that tarnishes much of the director's work (I thought either there was a problem with the theater lighting or that the ticket tearer had forgot to issue the 3D glasses). Pitt is reliable, as is usually the case, and there is a well mounted concluding sequence at the World Health Organization, but these elements are not enough to carry an otherwise tiresome and disappointing film.