Monday, March 11, 2013

The Dictator

The ruler of a fictitious North African country (Sacha Baron Cohen), who hates people of all colors, race, and creed and oppresses his subjects with such wild glee, travels to address the U.N. who wish to impose sanctions on him for violating a nuclear arms treaty. In New York, he is kidnapped and replaced with a double, as part of a coup staged by his second in command (Ben Kingsley), and is forced to fend for himself as a common schmuck, which he does with the help of a dippy young woman (Anna Faris) who runs a health food store. "The Dictator" is mean spirited, crude, largely unfunny, but occasionally hilarious, but unlike his previous outings of "Borat" and "Bruno", there aren't enough laughs to sustain the entire picture.