Monday, September 10, 2012

Why Going to the Movies Sucks

I'm just going to skip over the part where I proclaim my love for film and get straight to the point: going to the movies today sucks. There could be a million discussion points for this topic - high admission/concession prices, poor projection/sound quality, uncomfortable seating, texting, crying babies, etc. - but there is one consistent annoyance that causes at least myself, someone who averages over 1 movie a week at the theaters, to reconsider my movie going habits: obnoxious patrons. It has become habitual now that in most every film I've attended, at least one (and usually more) GROWN patron will provide his/her running commentary during a film, while pretending that they are completely invisible and in the confines of their own living rooms. It became so bad a few weeks back during a picture, I actually asked a patient to keep it down, and he continued talking while I was addressing him! Having to do this is so uncomfortable, so much so that while in a theater today, as several parties chirped away continuously, I was too chickenshit to say anything to them, let alone management. I thought about voicing a complaint, but what really can be done to curb this selfish behavior? The attention deficit problem in this country extends way beyond people being attached to their mobile devices, so much so that when they are forced to be without them, they still can't shut the fuck up. In my experience, and maybe its just the films I attend, it is NOT unruly, text happy teens spoiling the movie going experience. It is grown ass men and women, of all colors and creeds, who think that their opinions are so important they cannot wait for the end of the film. Grow up, you are not important, respect those around you, and again, shut the fuck up.