Saturday, August 18, 2012


Toots Shor was a hulking, rough looking Jewish kid who came up as speakeasy bouncer in 1930s New York. However, due to his straightforward and congenial nature, he soon was operating the most swingin' saloon in the country, where common folk came to mingle with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Jackie Gleason, Joe Dimaggio, Frank Gifford, Walter Cronkite, and even Supreme Court Chief Justice Earl Warren. Although the kind of establishment is unheard of today, Toots Shor's flourished for until the changing times (along with his bullheadedness)  left Toots bankrupt and broken. "Toots" is an affectionate tribute to the great and largely forgotten proprietor by his granddaughter Kristi Jacobsen, who tells his story with a bevy of stock footage and interviews with friends and family, all of whom remember him with fondness.