Thursday, May 24, 2012

For Greater Glory

In 1927, the Mexican President began enforcing the anti-clerical laws first established in the country's constitution of 1917. In response to these anti-Catholic purges, a group of revolutionaries formed to fight the government in what came to be known as La Cristiada, and many went on to give their lives in martyrdom for their cause. "For Greater Glory" is an overlong, amateurish production with noble aspirations which feels like it was penned by a fourth grader who was adapting their history textbook. The acting in an impressive cast is underwhelming, and even the legendary Peter O'Toole struggles to find meaning in a scant role. Following last year's "The Way", it is nice to see an interest in these kinds of spiritual pictures, but until the script, cast, and production values are up to par, they are not doing their subjects justice.