Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The 2010 Oscar Nominated Shorts-Live Action

Tonight I caught both the Live Action Shorts and Animated Shorts nominated for Academy Awards this year. I thought it was great fun and there wasn't one short that was disappointing. Here's my reviews of the live action shorts. Keep posted for reviews of the animated shorts with some links to view them yourself.
Tells the story of a young Indian boy trapped in modern day slavery. Hindi film generates a good amount of suspense and contains a nice ending. ***
The New Tenants
Over-the-top black comedy about a gay couple that moves into an apartment and deals with the repercussions of the previous tenants actions. Film generates some good laughs. ***
Miracle Fish
A young misfit is bullied by students on his birthday, visits the nurse's office, falls asleep, and awakens to a vacant school building. Film changes tones and becomes unexpected and eerie. ***1/2
The Door
A young man runs through a barren amusement park into an abandoned apartment to steal a door. He than returns to his family where they face several hardships. Sad and well filmed movie where all comes together in the end. ***1/2
Instead Of Abracadabra
A 25-year-old magician who still lives at home injures his mom during a trick, than tries to use his powers to impress her nurse. Lovable loser comedy made in the same vein as Napoleon Dynamite hits the mark and is very funny. ***1/2