Monday, May 10, 2010

Talk to Her

Talk to Her is Perdo Almodovar's acclaimed film from 2002. It is the story of two couples in Spain, wherein both of the women are comatose, and both men deal with their conditions in varying ways. Benigno is a male nurse and a homosexual who is essentially the caretaker for Alicia, a comatose dance student. Although she is unconscious, he feels they share an emotional bond, a feeling that will get him into trouble later. Marco is a writer whose girlfriend Lydia is a matador and been injured in a bullfight. He does not respond to her condition as well Benigno does to Alicia. When the two meet, they too will forge a bond. Though this was one of the most well received movies of its year, I found it to be languid and slow in places. The end is extremely moving as the narrative reaches tragic levels of almost Shakespearean means.