Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Repo Men

Repo Men is an ultra violent action film without a pulse, and is a prime example of not one but two stars not knowing how to pick their roles. Both Jude Law and Forest Whitaker exude an incredible amount of appeal as movie stars, but can't do much with this lifeless thriller. The film's premise is that in the future for exorbitant amounts of money, you can replace one of your organs with a metallic version of it. If you can't pay your bill, repo men (Law and Whitaker) will be sent to your home to retrieve the companies property. All goes well until one day, when Law is on a retrieval mission, he is electrocuted, and becomes one of the recipients of his company's products. When he can't pay his mechanical heart bill, they send Whitaker out to repo it. With all the action and blood, this film is surprisingly dull. It had an ending that I admired, done in a fashion that I hate. See the movie to see what I mean. Or don't