Thursday, April 15, 2010


Chloe is a movie that, given its material, would fall into a trashy Adrienne Lynn type of film. However, since it is directed by Atom Egoyan, the Canadian filmmaker who is said to bring dreamlike qualities to his films, it somehow rises above its material. It is a remake of the 2003 French film Nathalie, and tells the story of a happily married Toronto couple, who have forgotten that they are a happily married couple. After a text leads the wife to suspect her husband of cheating, she enlists the help of an escort to see what her husband would do if she came on to him-a plan that makes you wonder who in their right mind would think that's a good plan. Needless to say, things do not go as expected and the wife finds herself feeling emotions she did not anticipate. The film stars the great Liam Neeson as the husband and newcomer Amanda Seyfreid in the title role, but it is Julianne Moore who stands out in this film. She is such an interesting actress who plays roles as no other actress would. Watching her go through the many different emotions she goes through in this movie is like watching a master at work. I also liked how plot developments were handled as well. There is a plot twist in the end, but it is not presented with thunderous musical chords but rather with just a glance. Though Chloe has the type of material that may be called trash, it is a finely acted and well directed film that is worth the price of admission.