Friday, May 3, 2013

The Snowtown Murders

In rural Australia, a magnetic man enters the lives of a drug addled woman and her three misguided sons when he is hired to intimidate a predatory ex-boyfriend and soon takes his place in the broken home. It soon becomes apparent to the middle son that his new father figure to torturing and eradicating some of the neighborhood's undesirables and quickly becomes pawn in his heinous undertakings and what would come to be known as the country's most notorious serial killer. Featuring a terrifying performance from Daniel Henshall, "The Snowtown Murders" looks its grisly subject directly in the eye and becomes an almost unbearable, unforgettable viewing experience. In a culture where serial killing has become high art or entertainment in disingenuous programs like "Dexter" and the like, "Snowtown" depicts it authentically in all its horror.