Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Behind the Candelabra

Scott Thorson, a lonely animal trainer (Matt Damon) living at home with his foster parents picks up a man at a gay bar and attends a live performance by Liberace (Michael Douglas), the flamboyant, world renowned concert pianist who in 1977 and late into his career is still keeping his homosexual lifestyle a secret from his fans.  When Scott gains access to his dressing room, the disparately aged men immediately embark on a bizarre and tumultuous relationship, ending in a public breakup and lawsuit, followed shortly by Liberace's death from AIDS complications in 1987. Behind the Candelabra is a competently made, often humorous  and shocking film from Steven Soderbergh, which is said to be his last. It features brave performances from Douglas and Damon, and amusing supporting work from Dan Aykroyd and Rob Lowe, all of whom carry the film through its narrowly focused narrative.