Sunday, May 19, 2013

Take This Waltz

After sharing a moment with an alluring man (Luke Kirby) on a plane, a writer (Michelle Williams) is dismayed to find he lives across the street from her and her happily married cookbook writing husband (Seth Rogen), and finds it increasingly difficult to suppress her attraction to him. Take This Waltz is flighty and fanciful nonsense, that is shameful in so many ways, that would make even Diablo Cody nauseous. In the proud new tradition of feminist movies, here were see women on the toilet, women wetting themselves, full frontal old lady nudity, fairly graphic sex scenes, and male characters who represent nothing more than female fantasies. The movie was made by Sarah Polley, who made a good film before in Away from Her and whose bio-doc Stories We Tell is being received well now, along with Michelle Williams who has been excellent in almost everything I've seen her in makes me wonder what the hell they're doing in this baffling, odious, idiotic movie.