Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The Mousetrap

During a massive blizzard, an assorted array of travelers arrives at an inn just taken over by a young couple, shortly after a murder has taken place at a flat in nearby London. A notepad found at the scene of the crime had two addresses scrawled in it, first the location of the murder and second, the address of the inn. With everyone present a suspect, Scotland Yard sends a detective in the middle of night to investigate and root out the murderer. Agatha Christie's most famous play began its London run in 1952 and has not ceased in the 60 years since, making it the longest running play in the modern world and swearing its audience to secrecy of its major plot revelation all the while. The play is a brilliant and eerie construction and was given marvelous treatment in its recent run in Cleveland by the Great Lakes Theater Company, whose eclectic cast carries off the difficult, highly British material with intelligence and grace. I have longed  to see the great mystery writer's intriguing work on the stage and with this interpretation, it more than does her work justice.