Thursday, April 26, 2012

Love Story

A brooding Harvard student of means wanders to nearby Radcliffe College and check out a book from their library and falls for the imperfect, blue-collared girl behind the counter. To the chagrin of his disapproving father, the two begin a courtship and we follow them through the peaks and valleys of their loving and ultimately tragic union. "Love Story" is ubiquitous, shameless, and often insincere pap that is not entirely without appeal. Ryan O'Neal and Ali MacGraw bring a great likability to their characters, and are aided greatly by the supporting actors playing their fathers, Ray Milland his and John Marley as hers. Arthur Hiller's film is a contradictory one, a movie with off-putting qualities that is somehow made palatable and enjoyable, mostly due to the fact of the allure of its cast.