Thursday, January 14, 2016

Oscar Nominations Reaction

Here's a list of bulleted points about today's nominations because I didn't really feel like formulating it into a cohesive post:
-Carol and Todd Haynes were snubbed for Picture/Director. The film had more care and craft than most of the films nominated.
-Ridley Scott being overlooked for The Martian is surprising. I thought for certain he would be honored for making a Roland Emmerich movie appear award worthy and for making Matt Damon and his pony tail look cool.
-Steven Spielberg's was able to buy Bridge of Spies a picture nod though he couldn't score himself one for directing.
-Scratching my head at the Adam McKay directing nomination for The Big Short in a film that lacked style and had no direction.
-The Lenny Abrahamson nod came out of nowhere and I can't quite call it deserved
-It was good to see Charlotte Rampling nominated for a film I haven't seen
-Oscar bait Joy and The Danish Girl unfortunately got their due
-For the supporters I would have put Stanley Tucci or Michael Keaton up over Mark Ruffalo and Steve Carell over Christian Bale. It was nice to see Rachel McAdams nominated, Rooney Mara should have been up with the lead ladies, and I could have done without Jennifer Jason Leigh.

OK so those just ended up being mostly gripes. Otherwise I was pretty satisfied. Check out the nominees here: