Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mr. Holmes

Tucked away on a country estate just after World War II, Sherlock Holmes (Ian McLellan) battles dementia and looks onward to the great unknown as he tries to correctly recall his final case, relates a recent trip to Japan, and gains the attention of his housekeeper's young son, much to her great chagrin. Bill Condon's Mr. Holmes, which reunites him with his former lead actor (Gods and Monsters) and actress (Kinsey), is an exquisitely filmed homage to the much adapted and interpreted Sir Arthur Conan Doyle investigator, and is essentially just a quiet country tale without many of the turns and excitement which predominated the Holmes stories. McLellan is tremendous and it is a nice touch to have him play the detective both on his last case and also 30 years on on the verge of death. Not too sure why Laura Linney was cast as a British housemaid though she still turns in a nice performance even if she isn't totally concerned with her accent.
*** 1/2 out of ****