Sunday, July 15, 2012


An ex-convict and self-sufficient lesbian (Gina Gershon) secures a job renovating an apartment next door to a vicious, mid level mobester (Joe Pantoliano) and his sultry moll (Jennifer Tilly), to whom she shares a fiery and mutual attraction. After spending the night together, the two women determine to lift the 2 million dollars the gangster has stashed in his digs as part of a separate deal, leading them down a twisty and harrowing night of violence and desperation. Before the Wachowksi's fashioned their immensively successful Matrix trilogy, they debuted with this sleek and seriously sexy, gut wrenching noir that became famous for its sex scene, but succeeds at being so much more. Gershon and Tilly dazzle in the lead roles who are not only libidinous but are also tough and competent. Pantoliano nearly walks away with the entire show as the psychotic gangster, in a role that had to of guaranteed his casting on "The Sopranos". With "Bound", the Wachowski's disproved that these kind of B-pictures need to be schlocky, excessive, and artless and proves that they can certainly rise above themselves.