Sunday, July 22, 2012

Bottle Rocket

A highly organized neurotic (Owne Wilson) convinces his two friends (Luke Wilson, Robert Musgrave) to rob a book store and then lam at an out of the way hotel in a desolate part of Texas. There while one of the friends falls in love with a kindly maid (Lumi Cavazos), the criminal mastermind plots with a local crime boss (James Caan) for their next big score. "Bottle Rocket" is the amusing and flighty directorial debut from Wes Anderson, which he cowrote with Owen Wilson, who shines in the lead role as the socially challenged Dignan. I've never found his brother Luke to be in possession of the same charismatic charm, and this also premier film debut is no exception. "Bottle Rocket" tends to wander and its material is not very demanding, but it is pleasant and humorous in that particular whimsical way which Anderson would develop and cultivate over the years.
note: On the Criterion DVD, you can view the original "Bottle Rocket" short also featuring Anderson and the Wilson brothers. Made in 199, it is basically a 12 minute black and white microcosm of the film.