Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Music Room

A feudal lord sits on the rooftop of his deteriorating mansion which lies in the desolate deserts of 1920s Bengal. In the most subtlest of flashbacks, we see how the unflinching noblemen squandered his fortune and family for the sake of pride in the form of extravagant recitals in his prized title room. Indian director Satyajit Ray became the first of his countrymen to find international success and following the first two films in his "Apu Trilogy", he fashioned this wonderfully perceptive film which is largely considered his masterpiece. It stars Chhabi Biswas, the great Indian star of stage and screen, who delivers a wonderfully nuance performance as the proud and cultured lord. Ray offers many subtle criticisms to the feudal system, while also criticizing modernism in his depiction of Biswas's rival nouveau riche neighbor. "The Music Room" is a thoughtful, sad, and well-realized piece of filmmaking.