Saturday, January 7, 2012


Six years ago alien life was discovered in our galaxy and a probe was launched to collect samples. Upon reentry, the spacecraft crashed over Mexico forcing a quarantine over half the country to contain the alien life force. Presently, the daughter of a newspaper magnate is stranded in Central America who in turn sends one of his photographers stationed nearby to retrieve her. In a journey back home that will inevitably result in a passage through the infected zone, the two come to terms with their own disheveled lives and growing feelings for each other. "Monsters" is an ultra-low budget film from writer/director Gareth Edwards that makes excellent usage of its budget as well as the genre. Edwards understands that the less we see of a monster the greater the tension and in scenarios reminiscent of "Jurassic Park" the employment of the minimalist approach greatly increases the trepidation factor which also leaves the final tell all the more rewarding. I did though feel that he underplayed his hand at times, cutting to scenes of subsequent safety during high terror point. The acting is of a low quality, although I did like how the romance angle was handled. Nowadays, monster movie makers miscalculate their work and misuse their slimy stars. It is a relief to see a director who understands the less is more precept.