Monday, September 19, 2011

The Paleface

A group of evil oil barons have cheated a peaceful Indian tribe of their land and have told them to vacate the premises. In response, the chief instructs his tribe to shoot the next white man to come through the gate, and who do you think comes next, while its Buster Keaton with his butterfly catcher. After chasing him around a bit, the tribe members burn him at the stake which he survives thanks to his flame retardant suit. Amazed by his survival, they induct him into his tribe as together they make a bid to take back their land. "The Paleface" is classic laugh out loud Keaton containing a string of inspired hilarious silent gags. This short film could be construed as insensitive by some, but it was made in a different time and is all in good humor. Here Buster demonstrates his gifts for physical comedy and why he is one of the foremost clowns of the cinema.