Friday, June 18, 2010


Tigerland is an under the radar film about a group of soldiers training for combat in Vietnam in 1972. Few people have heard of it and it provides an excellent look at its subject. Released in 2000, it was also the film that introduced Colin Farrell, an actor who has grown on me, to America. Here he plays Roland Bozz, a rebellious soldier training at Fort Polk, Louisiana also known as Tigerland, an infamous last stop before departure to Vietnam. Although he challenges authority and the reasons behind war, Bozz proves to be a formidable soldier who cares for and looks out for the other men in his unit. Although we have to be reminded with outings like this one, director Joel Schumacher is capable of making good films as well as films that don't require a lot of shit blowing up. Tigerland is the kind of film that makes you happy you found it, and eager to tell others about it.