Thursday, June 24, 2010

Knight and Day

Knight and Day is a capable and maybe even sound spy actioneer but your enjoyment of it will probably depend on whether or not you like Tom Cruise. The story opens up with super spy Cruise meeting up with ordinary Cameron Diaz, and becoming entangled in an espionage plot and a romance that takes them around the globe by ways of planes, trains, & automobiles. The plot is silly and Diaz's reasons for being involved are more than tenuous, but this is the kind of (mindless) entertainment that at least I seek out in the summer. There is also a memorable chase scene worth mentioning taking place during the Running of the Bulls. Director James Mangold does not direct masterpieces, but instead makes those kind of movies that are just fun. Tom Cruise, though many think he has worn out his welcome in Hollywood, still has the star power to carry this film and Diaz is fine just as well.