Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Logan Lucky

Members of a thought to be cursed West Virginia family, a laid off mine worker (Channing Tatum), an Armed services amputee bartender (Adam Driver), and their lead-footed hairstylist sister (Riley Keough), team up with an incarcerated, explosives expert (Daniel Craig) to rob a motor speedway on the busiest day of the year by exploiting its underground pipe system used for cash depositing. Logan Lucky is a sometimes dumb but watchable and mostly satisfying heist movie, although its not a genre I’m keen to see Steven Soderbergh revisit after his brief retirement, even if it does play like Ocean’s 11 with a soul. While the A-list actors annoyingly employ hillbilly accents, Tatum carries the film well and its fun to watch Craig play a colorful, against type character.
*** out of ****