Sunday, September 4, 2016

Midnight Special

A young boy with extrasensory perception (Jaeden Lieberher) serves as redeemer for a fanatical Texas religious compound and presents a genuine threat to national security. When it becomes evident the feds are moving in, he is taken on the lamb by his birth father (Michael Shannon) and his capable non-believer childhood friend (Joel Edgerton). Jeff Nichols' Midnight Special blends elements of Close Encounters, E.T., and Starman in a solidly crafted, satisfying adult geared production that still feels somewhat incomplete and aloof, with an expected though out of place and even idiotic ending. Shannon and Edgerton carry the film, young Lieberher successfully and thankfully underplays his part, and I still don't understand why Adam Driver keeps turning up in these significant roles.
*** out of ****